First ACM Meeting of the Year!

Hello everybody!

Welcome back to the University of Iowa and hope you all had a fantastic summer! Our first ACM Meeting will be Tuesday, September 2nd in 118 MLH at 6:30 PM. ACM is a student organization and a student chapter of the international group, the Association for Computing Machinery. ACM hosts a variety of events including Tech Talks by visiting companies (Microsoft, State Farm, Cerner, etc. ), Hack-a-thons, LAN parties, academic talks, professional development & networking, career building, job fairs, resume/interview workshops, and much more. Be sure to come to our first meeting to learn about what we’ll be doing this semester and to enjoy some FREE PIZZA . We will be accepting the $5 membership dues at this meeting as well. Please feel free to join our Facebook group and if you have any questions, please email us at

Our meetings will typically be held on Tuesday evenings around 6:30 PM (room will vary depending on the type of event scheduled).

Hope to see you there,

Dylan Thiemann
ACM President

ACM Annual Picnic

Take a break from studying and attend this year's annual ACM Picnic Friday May 2nd, from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM at City Park to grill and kick back with your fellow ACM members while enjoying the (hopefully) great weather. Burgers, brats, veggie burgers, beverages, and other refreshments will be provided. We ask that you consider bringing food or a dish to share along with any outdoor games.

The Cambus Blue Route has 2 stops close to City Park. Information on bus stop locations and a map of city park is attached.

Week of April 14th

Hello ACMers!!!
My name is Dylan Thiemann and I am the new ACM President! I'd like to introduce the new leadership in ACM for the rest of this year and next:
President: Dylan Thiemann
Vice President: Asmaa Elkeurti
Administrator: Alina Upreti
Web Master: Cale Bierman
Social Events Coordinator: Akshay Yadav
I'd also like to thank the previous ACM leadership for the FANTASTIC work they did, we have some pretty big shoes to fill .

Week of March 3rd

Thank you to everybody that attended the UICC over the weekend, this year's conference was a great success and we hope you enjoyed it!

There will not be an ACM meeting tonight because Microsoft will be hosting events on Thursday and Friday. On Friday night, we will have a Windows Phone Hack-a-thon, including a short workshop to help you quickly learn. Apps are developed in C#, so if you know Java, you're set to start making apps! In order to be prepared, make sure you have a computer with Windows 8, Visual Studio, and the Windows Phone SDK.


Week of February 24

This week is packed with activities! Our Tuesday meeting is a Resume and Job Fair Prep Session, hosted by State Farm. It will take place in 217 MLH at 5:30 PM on Tuesday.

This session will be great preparation for the Spring Job Fair, which will take place on Wednesday, 11 AM - 4 PM in the IMU.

Most importantly, the 2014 UI Computing Conference is this weekend! Check out the extensive schedule of activities at the conference webpage -


Windows 8 App Workshop

Don't forget about the awesome event happening Monday (November 4th) at 5:30 PM in 118 MLH. Microsoft is flying a veteran developer out to host an App Workshop. Do you want to get a jump start on making your great app idea into a reality, or are you looking for ways to boost your resume? This workshop will be a great help to get you started building cool apps. Modern apps for the Windows platforms are built using C# (very similar to java) and XAML (a markup language for the view), or using HTML5 and JavaScript, so you're probably ready to start building apps now! It is also incredibly easy to deploy your app for both the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms.


Week of October 21

This week is "Creative Week 2013," a new annual tradition for Iowa. If you're interested in having a start-up, working for a start-up, or just learning about the local start-up culture, there are several events this week for you. There are two big events this Tuesday, which will take the place of our weekly meeting. The first is at 3:30PM, and is titled "Startup Stories." It will feature local start-ups sharing their stories of how they have progressed. The second is a night social event. There will be food, drink, and entertainment, and it provides a great opportunity to network with some business leaders. There are events all week long, some of which are detailed after the break. View the entire list here:


Microsoft Interview Prep

There will be a Microsoft interview prep session on Thursday, October 10th at 5:30 PM in 205 MLH.

Come to improve your interviewing skills, prepare for an interview with Microsoft or other big tech company, or get a head start on preparing for future interviews. The session will include an overview of the process with Microsoft, general tips on approaching the interview, problem examples, and insight from the Microsoft interns from this past summer, all of which went through the interviewing process last year.

We want to help you land a job at Microsoft, so come out to this session, and bring your questions!


Week of September 24

Tonight’s meeting will be in 105 MLH at 5:30 PM. Since it’s the recruiting season for most companies, tonight we’ll be casually going over some technical interview questions that you could encounter. There will be a few books that we’ll be using for the questions, and you can come hear insight and tips from those with interviewing experience. There will also be some help available with resumes. There will be free food! We'll also be accepting the $5 dues and checking out Raspberry Pi's to anyone that has paid their dues.

More info about events this week after the break!


Events for the Week of Sept 16

A few administrative notes for everyone. At the first meeting, I forgot to talk about the membership fee to be in ACM. Our chapter has a $5 due per semester, which helps us offset the cost of pizza and soda. The department has decided that they will check out the raspberry pi’s to any ACM members who have paid their dues. We will be accepting dues (cash or check) at the meeting tomorrow, and we will be checking out the raspberry pi’s to anyone participating in the Raspberry Pi Bake-off. They will be allowed to be checked out until November 4th. We have a few big events this week, details below the break!